Heritage and religious points of interest

1. saint Anthony Square 9. Saint Michel Archangel
2. Calvary 10. La Scala Santa
3. Museum 11. Way of the Cross
4. The first chapels 12. Marian Chapel
5. Our Lady of Trinity 13. Granite Rosary
6. Our Lady of Fatima 14. Capuchins' chapel
7. Massabielle Chapel 15. St. Joachum's bell tower
8. Grotto (replica of Lourdes) 16. Capuchins' convent

Services and residence areas

17. Pilgrim center (Le Messager magazine, Restaurant, Piety shop and souvenirs) 22. Kiosk of information
18. Hostelry (a-Pavillon Le Béthanie, b- Pavillon Le Nazareth, c-Pavillon L'Emmaüs, d-Pavillon Le Sainte-Marie) 23. Victor-DeLamarre playground
19. Bakery 24. Campgrounds (with services, Rustic (without services)
20. Restrooms and showers 25. St. Antoine Tower
(Parking $)
21. Our Lady Agora  


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