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This tower, dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua, is an homage to this great enthusiast and untiring preacher of the Gospel. In his preachings, as in his life, he always recalled the people of importance to go to the Word of Life, the word of Jesus Christ. He said, "From the Holy Scriptures comes forth the sacred science, the only true science that make the true learned persons, the only true science that teaches to love God and thy neighbour."
This tower rests on four pillars, anchored on the rock. These represent the four writers of the Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. To reach the summit of the tower you must climb the steps inside, divided into eight landings. As has been the case with Saint Anthony, to help you in your ascension, with your eyes fixed on your goal, you will find at each landing a sure guide of comforting words. You will have the opportunity to read some excerpts from one of the most beautiful texts of Saint Matthew, "The Sermon on the Mount." Coupled with some thoughts from Saint Anthony, your reflection and meditation will soar like an eagle.
85-foot-high Tower 

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