To welcome the visitor in such a way that he discovers within himself that he is a pilgrim in search of God


Ermitage Saint-Antoine participates, in its own way, in the Church's evangelisation efforts. In communion with the Church, both our own diocese and elsewhere, through our  pastoral services as well as within our facilities, we encourage pilgrims in their search for God. We hope that all these services are beneficial to the pilgrims in their reflections, contemplations and prayers in a place filled with spiritual peace and joy.
Every staff member at Ermitage Saint-Antoine, whether religious or not, has at heart the goal of accomplishing their work harmoniously together with other staff members. Combining their skills and the quality of their services, each of us contributes to the mission of Ermitage Saint-Antoine in a fraternal spirit of charity and communion.
All of our staff ensure that Ermitage Saint-Antoine is a restful and peaceful halt in your life. All visitors to the Sanctuary are warmly welcomed and respected, all without being judged. Our hope is that our fraternal spirit is evident through our words and actions.


We offer many pastoral activities as a way of strengthening the Christian faith of those who visit our Sanctuary and helping it grow. While certain staff members are fully dedicated and appointed to this effect, all of our staff make sure that our numerous activities are accessible to visitors.
All pastoral activities must serve to help grow the pilgrims' faith, encourage a greater love of Jesus Christ, make the Gospel known and develop devotion to Saint Anthony and Our Lady of Lourdes to whom our Sanctuary is dedicated.
Ermitage Saint-Antoine offers a range of liturgical and pastoral activities, including preaching at masses, workshops, pastoral and spiritual guidance, the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion, novenas, a daily Holy Hour, adoration, silent prayer, and a liturgy of the Hour with the Capuchins friars. 
Among the other pastoral activities you will find: a museum, the Bread of the Poor (a charity that invites you to share with the poor in devotion to Saint Anthony), an information desk, the Sentier Félix LeClerc walking trail, and many more. Depending on time and needs, others faith- and prayer-based activities may be planned.

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